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Hot Water Services

Premium Quality Discount Hot Water Systems

Making sure that your shower time goes as smoothly as it should be is as easy as 1… 3… 00 132 356. For the majority of us, taking a cold shower is akin to walking on a rogue piece of Lego with bare feet; excruciating pain at the hands of something that usually gives us so much pleasure – you need a great water system to ensure that you don’t experience this tremendous disturbance.

There’s really nothing more horrific to ever happen in a shower setting since that famous scene from the movie Psycho. If you’re looking to safeguard this horrendous circumstance from your life, speak with The Plumbing Professor. We have vast experience with water structures, whether regarding installation or maintenance, and will ensure you can keep singing (not screaming) in your steaming hot shower.

Providing wonderful discount water systems across Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, and Narre Warren!

Based in Rowville, we’re a stone’s throw away from suburbs including Glen Waverley, Narre Warren and Mount Waverley but are here to help all Melbourne’s residents.

Systems to suit households and businesses across the city.

In the range of hot water systems, we have available you’ll find a variety of capacities across electric, gas and solar setups. Each of the options that we have is of premium quality, and we’re proud to offer top quality discount hot water systems.

We also provide plumbing maintenance!

We also offer a maintenance service for all types of systems. Whether you’re running a Rheem in Mount Waverley, you’ve vested a Vulcan in Glen Waverley, brandishing a Bosch in Narre Warren, or using any other brand anywhere in Melbourne with any problems, speak with us.

Our plumbing expertise doesn’t just stop there, either. We’re well-versed with a myriad general plumbing problems, and have the experience to get whatever your drama might be fixed quickly and cost-effectively.

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If you are tired of suffering at the psychotic hands of the dreaded cold shower, contact The Plumbing Professor today and see how we can provide you with a life changing (well, life improving anyway!) discount hot water system. We provide systems for the areas surrounding Narre Warren, Glen Waverley, and Mount Waverley – but also the rest of Melbourne! Call us on 1300 132 356 to find out how we can save your shower!