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Blocked Drains


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Fixing Blocked Drains in Rowville and Across Melbourne!

Okay, so we all know having a blocked drain is a nuisance, right? It is one of those annoying occurrences that just adds to the lifelong trouble of maintaining your beautiful home.

Whilst it may be annoying to have a problem with your drain, if it is filled with grease, dirt, random objects (hair ties?) it can also cause a massive problem for your home and your families health.

When a blocked drain occurs in your home, water becomes stuck on the blockage and can produce a terrible smell. We’ve all experienced that waft – that mouldy smell which gets in your nose and makes you want to get the hell out of your shower!

Not only this, the area where stagnant water has started to accumulate due to a drainage problem can cause discolouration and even flooding in your home, could there be anything worse? Well, guess what, there is something worse. Having drainage issues in your home can lead to insects, pests, and bacteria becoming attracted to the water stored up in your filthy, damaged drain. It goes without saying that this can cause a serious health risk to your family.

What we can do for your blocked drain

The team at The Plumbing Professor holds vast experience in cleaning blocked drains. We believe in the importance having a clean, clear drain holds for you and your family – we stop at nothing to ensure that the frightful mess of having blocked drains does not continue to affect your home.

We employ a range of techniques to make sure that the problem is fixed and not reoccurring. It is our passion and our experience at The Plumbing Professor is paramount and leaves our customers with a feeling that all is well and clean regarding their (formerly) icky drainage systems. Got other plumbing issues? We’re also experts in hot water services and other essential jobs around your property.

Fixing drains all across Melbourne!

We operate all over Melbourne but particularly in the areas of Rowville, Ferntree Gully, Narre Warren, Mount Waverley, and Glen Waverley. We are an experienced team of plumbers who take great pride and care in clearing your drainage woes.

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The Plumbing Professor is here for you – we understand that cleaning a blocked drain can be tricky business, and we’re here to make it easy for you. If you need a plumber to fix a blocked drain in Rowville, Ferntree Gully, Narre Warren, Mount Waverley, Glen Waverley, or hey, all across Melbourne, contact The Plumbing Professor on 1300 132 356 to find out more.

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