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Plumbing Specialties

The Plumbing Professor are your local plumbers in Melbourne providing unblocking drains, water storage and more….

•All Domestic Plumbing 

•All Commercial Plumbing 

•Commercial Maintenance Contracts for Aged & other Health care providers. 

•We Specialise in all blockage equipment including Pipe Cameras & Detectors. 

•Licensed to carry out backflow prevention, assessment and servicing. 

•Thermostatic mixing valves 

•Accredited in food safety for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens 

•Trained in Occupational Health and Safety. 

•All staff are uniformed and vehicles display logos. 

•No job too large or small 

•Prompt and reliable service 

•All plumbing & hot water services & repairs 


We are determined to give you the best possible level of customer service and to provide you with the most effective solutions to your specific requirements.


Private Commercial & Industrial - All plumbing relative to new building construction. EBA plumbers. We own our own excavation equipment.


Backflow Prevention - Involves licensed assessment of the risk to water supply on all high and medium risk commercial premises. Also servicing of backflow valves and installation.


Thermostatic Mixing Valves - Licensed for servicing & installation.


Food Safety - Compliance with food regulations - the key here is isolating the work area during maintenance work. Key Elements are:



•Planning precautions where maintenance work occurs during periods of food preparation or production. 

•Setting up vertical barriers, drop sheets to protect all surfaces. 

•Ensuring that barriers and drop sheets are removed carefully so that waste does not fall off or blow away. 

•Removing all portable machinery to and non food area where practicable. 

•Ensures the use of hairnets, shoe protectors etc 


Hot water service repairs and replacement - Solar Hot Water Systems. We supply and fit all brands. Specialising in Rheem, Rinnai and Dux.


Blockage Specialists - Standard and high powered blockage equipment. We have specialized pipe cam surveillance equipment, which allow for pipe detection. This enables us to identify the source and location of the blockage, before labour intensive work is undertaken. This ensures that the extent of the blockage can be diagnosed and also helps to achieve the best cost/benefit alternative.


Specialising in schools, school extensions, nursing homes and commercial factories.


Rusty Spouting 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all customers that now is the time that you should get your spouting checked to make sure no rusting has occurred over the wetter months.